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Olympic Divas [22 Sep 2008|01:11am]
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The "N" debate. [18 Jul 2008|01:20pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

What do you think?
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Rafa Wins Wimbledon 2008 [07 Jul 2008|09:58pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hail King Rafa Nadal.  The new kickass Tennis King of Wimbledon

As I write this, I am still lack of the needed beauty sleep that usually takes 8 hours.  And I am still feeling all that jittery nervousness that started almost 24 hours ago.  That’s probably why I couldn’t sleep.  It’s like an over dosage of espresso ( I don’t even drink coffee).  Well, it was f*@kin worth it.  (pardon my French)  I said this before, long after the French open finals, that Rafa will somehow dethrone Roger in Wimbie 2008. And he did.  He seriously did.  He ended Roger’s 5 year long reign at Wimbledon.  He was the only man since 1980 (Bjorn Borg) to win the Wimbledon after winning the French open.  A lot of firsts actually.  How did he do it?  He was relentless  (that’s the only adjective I can think about Rafa).  All that muscle and footwork really worked for him.  And that unbelievable heavy top spin groundies really hurt Roger.    I would love to dwell in every detail on he manage to do that, but I don’t have enough strength to stay awake.  But I bet it’s all over the news right now and on a loop too.  Hah! All the pundits have declared that last Sunday’s final was the best ever.  And I for one, would certainly agree on that.  I shouted and screamed on every point won and lost.  I guess everybody who watched the match on the telly were the doing the same thing, unless you are Gwen Stefani, who looked grumpy and  constipated on her seat (which she and her husband got for free as an invite from Roger’s camp.  FYI, the seat cost like 5000 freakin British pounds = $9,844 = Php 444,982.   GAG! a lot rich people)  Misery was just written all over her face.  She was thinking of her “sweetest escape” from centre court.  Too bad gurl, you can’t.  Anyways, it was probably the best tennis that I have ever watched regardless of the rain delays and 5 hour stretch.  I would certainly rank this as one of the best or perhaps the best, though I tend to over-exag, so you decide. 

So I am looking forward for the US open.  Roger will be defending the title and I am sure a lot these young hot shots are going to give their best “umphs” and “grunts” to snatch that title from Roger.  Nadal included.

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a quick hello [06 Jul 2008|12:07am]
It’s been a long. I know, I know, I said that I promise to keep updating my blog. I’m still trying to keep that promise. Best of luck to me. hehhehe 

Surprisingly, I’m still not able to prioritize and do the things in my “TO DO” list. I’m a bit of a control freak (I become a bitch if I don’t get what I want), but these days, I think I’ve gotten soft. Which I think is good. I don’t want to “bitch-I’m-gonna-kill-you” look all the time if I don’t get my way. So now, I’m still doing the usual things every week and neglecting other things that I should be doing or promised doing. *sighs…
But for the past months, I was able to do something from my checklist. I think 3 or 4 months ago, I wanted to buy my first dslr, so I can really make beautiful photos. I purchased a Nikon d60. And until now, I’m still learning the ropes on how to manipulate this wonderful machine. I’ve been reading the manual (boring) and some books (boring) and it really does need a lot of your time if you want to learn. And you know me, I easily get bored. So once in a while, I take the time to shoot if I am out of town or going somewhere new. But I really promise that I would try to squeeze in some days for photography. 

Speaking of photography, I was thinking of framing all my black and white photos. Hhmmmm…. Yeah, I think I should put that in my “TO DO” list… and wait for a decade to do it. (sad) 

I recently picked-up tennis again. I really missed playing. Good thing that there is a nearby tennis court near my workplace. So I’m hitting the courts with my Serena Williams attitude. Lols This afternoon, I was hitting some balls with some friends, and I noticed that my serve really improved. But still, I don’t know how to hit a good backhand slice. It’s really killing me. But I’m loving it. It’s a absolutely amazing feeling to be back doing something I really love doing. 

Segueing to Wimbledon. Venus won her 5th wimby title. That’s an amazing feat. Within 9 years, a Williams was there in 8 finals. That’s something for the books. And tomorrow, Roger vs. Rafa. I’m rooting for Rafa bb. I’m a huge Nadal fan. So all the luck to him tomorrow.
So. Ok. Nothing to say. 

Next time then?
Bye y’all. 
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*smiles [09 May 2008|11:51am]

go to "music" section.  you'll read it from there. thanks

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short update [07 May 2008|10:29pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'll be updating more soon. promise. just fixing some things at work.


Something for the ladies. A really big lesson. lols

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Camera and Clinton [03 Mar 2008|12:09pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hello everybody. Been busy with so many things right now. You know, just work-work-work. I think I've forgotten to have fun. Seriously. The kind of fun that I like. But, when you got loads of responsibility and people are counting on you, the fun part turns seriously serious. Its a bummer really. Anyways, I'm not here to bore you with a lecture. But I have serious enquiry to make...

I was planning to buy my first DSLR next month. But with all honesty, I really don't know what to buy. I've read some online tips to what to buy, but I think its not enough. Since a lot of you folks here are into photography, can anybody enlighten me on this issue. But there are some things that you need to know about my skills... and my preferences to what kind of camera I'd like to have... that probably will help you out with my problemo.

1. I'm still a beginner. I'm still learning and what to learn more. But my issue is that, if I buy an entry level camera, I don't want to go in the hassle of buying another new one, if ever I might need of a camera with better features (and that time, I won't consider myself a beginner).

2. I want a camera with the newest features but doesn't cost as much as those high end cameras.

I have this photo-blog (, which I haven't really updated at all. You can browse through them and see what kind of subjects I like. But I really want to widen the scope when I have my camera.

So thats it. Help me pleeeeassssseeee!!! :D


To anybody whose reading from Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island:



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another quickie... [03 Feb 2008|10:22pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

with Lala

A big hello to everyone. Been too lazy to update. Nothing new though. Same old same old.

I'm listening to this song from the movie Enchanted, "So Close"... I love it. it reminds me of some singer before... but i can't seem to figure out who.... waaahh...

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Turning 30 a day before Christmas [24 Dec 2007|12:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today, I am officially 30. I thought it was going to be scary leaving my 20’s behind. But the truth is, it really wasn’t that at all as I thought it would be. I wasn’t quite receptive at first, but now, I’m glad that I have reached this stage in my life... like I had a choice? Age is just a number as they say, but as long you keep telling me that I look 20, I’ll be fine. LOL. I’m really stoked about it now. You know, the new age comes with new plans and ideas. Its like, I was given with a new set of planners for next decade to come. And I’m all for planning.

My life in my 20’s was one of the amazing years in my life. I truly believed that I lived the most significant parts of my life within those years. Bittersweet and yet fulfilling. I never met so much change and challenge and yet here I am, I think for the better. I raise a toast to that. So goodbye 29 and hello sexy 30.

So what am I going on my birthday? I really don’t know. I think I’ve become one helluva boring person. I’m done with all my birthday and Christmas shopping. Did that weeks ahead, just to avoid the mad rush of inconsiderate shoppers. Its funny, I think I’ve spent so much on myself this time than the gifts for my friends (Yes, I’m a stingy bastard). I already bought myself loads of presents. I should be put behind bars for being an impulsive shopper. Never in my life, that I would buy and spend so much cash on shoes, but I did. I really loved my buys. I now know how Imelda felt about shoes and she isn’t alone on this one. It’s always been my Christmas tradition to buy myself something to wear on Christmas day itself. This year, I am going white. I got this cute white top, skinny jeans and white shoes. And I bought this red Lacoste sling bag just to add color… and I don’t even have any plans to go anywhere. I just love to dress up for the holidays. P bought me some designer shirts and red shoes (I insisted that I MUST get my birthday present separate from my Christmas present or hell will break lose! Lol) and I bought him perfume, shoes, shirts and leather sandals (as his requests - we stopped surprising each other but instead we just asked each other what we wanted for Christmas, that usually saves all the hassles) And we bought each other Iphones. It’s not with me though, it’s with P. He is with his family in Hawaii, celebrating Christmas and a funeral… ironic eh? I miss him terribly. Its actually the 2nd time that he missed my Bday and will miss Christmas and New Year without each other.

I think I’m set for tomorrow. But what am I to do today?

I think I’ll just bring my macbook and sit this birthday out at starbucks or go shoe shopping again, which ever comes first.

Ops… I almost forgot.

Happy Holidays Everyone.

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[30 Sep 2006|08:21am]

MOOD: hopeful-1.jpg


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[19 Apr 2006|01:37pm]
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